Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Doctor visit

I am pleased to say that yesterday's follow up went, hmmm as it should, I guess you could say. Naomi had an EKG and chest x -ray and the VSD hasn't changed.  Also, she does not have any enlarging in her heart or any fluid on her lungs. She is eating well, sleeping well and growing right on track. All of those things indicate that she is not suffering due to the little extra work her heart and lungs are requiring. The doctor is still confident that she will indeed grow out of it. We will go back when she is six months old for him to check again. He said a large percentage of babies grow out of them in the first year and an even larger percentage within two years. Some never do and go on to lead completely normal active lives. If she doesn't grow out of hers she will still be able to play sports and have babies, he so matter-of-factly stated. I appreciated that about him. We left feeling like it's just an extra well baby appointment for us to go to- no big deal. Thankfully we're relieved parents now, not so on-edge, if you get what I mean. A lot of you do, and thank you so much for your encouragement by the way. I really appreciate all the wonderful comments you all leave. I seriously have no better friends than here in blog land!

But, that leads me to another problem. I just received a letter in the mail today from the insurance company stating they denied Naomi coverage due to her heart defect. But, how can they do that with the new law that was passed?  Well, since my husband was covered by said company before the law was passed, they are allowed to grandfather in their old policies! A HOLES!!!! So, we get to pay out of pocket for yesterday's expensive visit, which by the way, we have no money for.  I don't know who I'm more mad at us or them. We should have started the process of adding us to his plan a little sooner, then we would not be in this position. She would have been denied before the appointment and we could have re-scheduled or found another plan by now. Her and I were covered until Dec.31st on my COBRA plan, so we thought it would be an easy switch to add us to his.....UGH. I would have guessed they might deny me, but not her! Your prayers are much coveted right now. We are getting hit pretty hard in the pockets as the engine in my car  just went out as well. I just want to fully dive into the joy of having Naomi. There is SO MUCH to be excited and happy about! I feel like a stupid dark cloud keeps trying to steal that joy. I hate fighting for it, I know  that is the nature of this world we live in. I'd just like a little break, a little favor in the financial department. It could be worse, so I am certainly thankful for what we have....I feel myself starting to ramble so I'll stop now.

Here's another picture of my cutie! She's growing so big, so fast! I wanted to add more but blogger won't let me. =(

4 weeks