Monday, October 18, 2010

And her name is....

At about 30 weeks I suddenly got some fire under my butt and decided to start getting ready for her arrival. It felt weird because sometimes I have a hard time believing I will actually get to bring her home, but most times I really can picture it and I allow myself to go there. I started buying things pretty early because I had to believe- in spite of my doubts- that this time around would be different. I could not however; put anything together in the nursery. I could have clothes and decorations in a corner in the closet, but it would have been too much to imagine losing her and having the room all baby-fied. So when that c-section got scheduled I realized how much I had to do and figured it was time to make the room hers. We painted the furniture, I painted a mural, washed all her clothing and bedding and finished everything last weekend! We even did a belly cast! All we have left to do is send in the admission paperwork, tour the hospital since we've never been, and finish packing for the stay. I have to pinch myself sometimes, is this really real? 

So now for the moment you've been waiting for... not what most expected, but her name is...not Fionna- my first choice that my husband didn't like...not Marley.....but ....

Inspired by Stephanie @ Beyond Words, I made this for our rainbow.

The Horton Mural

My belly cast, in progress. Done at 32 weeks.
 So there ya have it folks. Still no middle name, but we'll get there. We have that narrowed down- maybe I'll do a poll so you can help us out on that one!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

33 weeks

I said I would be back to have a little fun, and here I am! I added a poll for you to guess what our little seahorses' name is. I will reveal the answer on Monday.

And I have an update. I went to the doctor today and my iron level is coming up, not where it should be- but improving. I have to add more mg, so I'll be shopping for a pill that has more mgs per pill. Taking 12 pills on top of the other supplements I take is a little much. I am exhausted again. Come on body you can do it, just 5 weeks left, you can absorb this iron and get it pumpin' through my veins! If anemia is the only bump in this road I will be so thankful.
I am really enjoying all the crazy moves she makes and how my belly looks like it's been invaded by an alien. I sometimes can't control giggles because whatever she is doing in there tickles! It is truly amazing.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

32 weeks

LoOoOong time no posty! Yikes it's been more than a month! For awhile I really didn't have much to say, then I needed to pin down hubby to take a belly picture. And yesterday I came here ready to give the latest news, I did so and went to edit something I wrote, I hit the coma - I kid you not that is ALL I hit and poof my entire post was deleted. Needless to say I was mad and decided to quit blogging for the day.
So, here is my big belly!

She is scheduled to be delivered on November 24th. That is at 39 w 1 day. Yay, my doctors reached a nice compromise for me. Now we'll just see how little seahorse likes staying put til then. I'm a little sad that Dr. Babytogoplease won't be on call at the hospital I was in with Audrey. I loved those nurses and I was imagining sharing a happy delivery with them (those who might happen to be there anyway). But I am going to a new hospital that does not have a NICU or Dr. Fulltermzeez's (specialist) office right downstairs. I just keep telling myself that everything is going well and I won't be needing the NICU or my specialist....easier said in my head than lived out each day. You know...typical behavior of someone who knows way more than she cares to about all that can go wrong! Of course my back up plan is to go to original hospital if I start contracting before or around 37 weeks, no transferring baby without me, no thank you..
Let's see what else, oh yes, I am now anemic. No biggy but boy was I feeling completely zapped for about a month before I was tested. I'm guessing my iron levels are better because my energy has returned but I'll get re-checked next week. I hope so cause again, no thank you to a blood transfusion or a longer hospital stay.

I'll be back for some fun regarding our little seahorses name, and soon I promise!