Monday, May 17, 2010

13 weeks

Yeah, I'm going backwards for a moment. I said I was going to play catch up, then I didn't exactly make time for that so here I am now.
It was a Sunday night when I had what I thought was a "red flag" for preterm labor or miscarriage. I called the nurse hot line, explained what was going on and she said she would have the doc. on call give me a ring back. He called and I proceeded to tell him as well when he interrupted me and told me I had been given wrong information (by my Peri), he had never heard of such a thing and that there is really no need for me to go into the hospital. He further insulted me by asking if I was sure that I didn't urinate in my pants! Needless to say, I was MAD!! I hung up the phone and cried my head off like a little kid. I felt like I had been scolded by my mean step-dad. Now you are probably wondering, what? What is she talking about? Well it's kind of embarrassing and I'll spare you the details, I'm sure those of you who've been pregnant will put it all together. The point of me going back and writing this is to keep in my memory the scare we had and that everything turned out alright.
So, because he was a huge jerk I went in to the hospital anyway AND I went to L&D where he told me I was NOT welcome until after week 20. When I approached the desk, I told the nurse my problem and she said, "Didn't you talk to Dr. G on the phone?" I said "Yes I did and I know he told me that if I absolutely thought it was necessary I should go to the ER, but the reason I'm here is because I want someone to know how poorly he treated me on the phone." I want to make it clear that I don't appreciate him speaking to me like I'm an idiot. Now if you want me to go downstairs I will, but the first baby I delivered died here and you nurses took excellent care of me and this is where I feel safe." That woman turned to another and gave her a look and she said, "let her stay." About 4-5 nurses heard everything I said which made me feel better and as expected they took excellent care of me. I went for an ultrasound, my cervix was fine and baby was moving around. Then, I had the pleasure of shaking the jerks hand as he had to sign off on everything, he seemed much different in person (pretty clear that someone had a word with him). It's a good thing 'cause I was in my mama bear stance, ready to tell him what I thought. I'm so glad I didn't have to go there.
I was under the impression that he was not in my OB's group but when I went in for another appointment I saw his name listed outside the door. Ugh...I hope I never have to deal with him again!

I hesitated to write this post because I was being paranoid and felt a little silly, especially since everything has been normal. But I remember what my (pregnant) nurse said to me that Sunday night, "It's your job to make sure everything is okay and if that means you're calling your doctor every other day that's okay, whatever gets you through and to the end with a healthy baby."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Plan

So, I met our new doctor on Monday who I must say I like very much. I will call him Dr. Babytogoplease. We will be able to see him exclusively and not be rotated among the other 10 or so in the group. This is the up side of close monitoring and a scheduled c - section. He is very confident in his ability to work with the perinatologist I will call Dr. Fulltermzeeze.

Starting at 15 weeks I will go to Dr. Fulltermzeezes' office to get high tech ultrasounds to measure my cervical length every 2 weeks. Should the length change/fall below a certain number I will have a cerclage placed and be put on bed rest. Of course I hope this does not happen but I can't help but think I have a weak cervix, I am the textbook description of this type of patient.

I have faith in both docs to take good care of us and I feel much more relaxed knowing Dr. Babytogoplease really listened to my concerns and respects my need to be very proactive with this pregnancy.

I love you so much little one, and even though my heart is aching for your big sister, I very much want to see your smiling little face this year.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

10 Weeks

So here we are we've made it 10 weeks. I am feeling very pregnant in the way of "morning" sickness, although I don't know why it is called that, as I feel sick ALL day some days. I am not complaining- this just means I'm making a healthy baby in there.

Last night I had a dream that you are a boy, my little sea creature. I never had a dream like this when I was pregnant with Audrey, I just had a lot of vivid and unusual dreams, which I am having again that make me laugh, they are so bizarre!

By the way I named this blog sunshine and seahorses because pregnancy is kind of like both the sun and the sea. The sun is so radiant and warm on our skin, it promotes a feel-good mood and it is very visible. The sea has many mysteries, there is much life and inner workings going on under the surface that we cannot see, like seahorses. With pregnancy come the obvious like the bump and also the not so obvious miracle being knitted together inside which at first looks kind of like a seahorse.

Here's our baby's first picture