Thursday, October 14, 2010

33 weeks

I said I would be back to have a little fun, and here I am! I added a poll for you to guess what our little seahorses' name is. I will reveal the answer on Monday.

And I have an update. I went to the doctor today and my iron level is coming up, not where it should be- but improving. I have to add more mg, so I'll be shopping for a pill that has more mgs per pill. Taking 12 pills on top of the other supplements I take is a little much. I am exhausted again. Come on body you can do it, just 5 weeks left, you can absorb this iron and get it pumpin' through my veins! If anemia is the only bump in this road I will be so thankful.
I am really enjoying all the crazy moves she makes and how my belly looks like it's been invaded by an alien. I sometimes can't control giggles because whatever she is doing in there tickles! It is truly amazing.


  1. Come on Marley! I love it and it's different!

  2. Ooh! I cannot wait to hear the result!!


  3. How fun!! We're getting so close- can't wait to see your little one. I'll be induced at 39 weeks 1 day on November 10th if my little man doesn't show up before then! 4 more weeks for me and I can't wait, but I have a lot of work to do.