Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Plan

So, I met our new doctor on Monday who I must say I like very much. I will call him Dr. Babytogoplease. We will be able to see him exclusively and not be rotated among the other 10 or so in the group. This is the up side of close monitoring and a scheduled c - section. He is very confident in his ability to work with the perinatologist I will call Dr. Fulltermzeeze.

Starting at 15 weeks I will go to Dr. Fulltermzeezes' office to get high tech ultrasounds to measure my cervical length every 2 weeks. Should the length change/fall below a certain number I will have a cerclage placed and be put on bed rest. Of course I hope this does not happen but I can't help but think I have a weak cervix, I am the textbook description of this type of patient.

I have faith in both docs to take good care of us and I feel much more relaxed knowing Dr. Babytogoplease really listened to my concerns and respects my need to be very proactive with this pregnancy.

I love you so much little one, and even though my heart is aching for your big sister, I very much want to see your smiling little face this year.

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  1. (((hugs))) i LOVE THE PLAN!! and i also love the names you gave the drs lol