Saturday, September 24, 2011

10 Months

It's been 10 months since little miss Naomi made her appearance! 10 months! She is growing leaps and bounds! The week she turned 9 months she started pulling herself to stand. That morning was such fun! She pulled herself up in the co-sleeper and thankfully I was laying next to her and she did not fall over the side! I was a little shocked that this happened before she was crawling. The day before she had put one hand and the opposite knee in front of the other making us think she was going to take off crawling but she plopped back on her bottom never to do it again. After mastering the pull up, she decided to crawl later that afternoon. I was in the kitchen, she was in the living room and evidently she decided it was time to come to go to momma for a change!

It was a big month. We also transitioned her into the(lowered) pack and play and a few weeks later into her crib.She's learning how to sleep without mommy right next to her. Her crib is now in our room and right next to our bed where I can reach through the rungs and offer comfort. Those first 3 nights were pretty rough for her and I. The first two weeks were hard for me to sleep. I got so used to having her right next to me that I laid awake many of those nights just watching her sleep. I wanted her in bed with me- but that would have been selfish. I had to put her need to roll around in weird positions and get more rest above my it-feels- like-it's-safer-and-I-don't-want-to-"sleep-train"- philosophy. She doesn't wake as often in her crib. Poor hubby was suffering due to all the baby stirring as she grew as well. The only one getting any sleep was me. She still wakes up two times during the night and often times I slip her into bed with us at the 4:30-5:00 feeding. Good compromise right? All is well now- at night that is. Little stinker is still such a fighter of naps. She'll rub and rub her eyes, lay her head on the floor or snuggle up to me but the second her eyes get heavy she starts kicking and flailing to keep awake. She'll spend hours doing- what I call-the no sleep dance.

Who needs a walker when I can push a box around?
Oh yeah, and I can't forget...she is pushing things around to help her walk. Boxes, chairs, tables and toys. It's sooo cute!

  A nasal aspirator to play with? I don't mind if I do.
 She's such a little sweetheart. It's time to get busy planning her 1st Birthday party!


  1. Oh, she is just gorgeous! So sweet to see rainbow updates and I am so glad that she is doing so well!! <3

  2. ok 1) i LOVE her shoes!! her eyes!! and of course that gorgeous red hair!!

    2) thank you so much for your comments on the sleep, crib thingy. I felt so much better knowing it was "ok" to not be ready yet. I cant believe this little seahorse is pushing things around!!! what a strong little girl. Have fun planning her bday. I will NEVER forget when she was born. It was one of the first things I was thankful for on thanksgiving =)

    glad you are back!! missed you <3

  3. Oh! She's so darn cute!!

    Thanks for sharing the pics!