Thursday, November 3, 2011

11 Months

Oh what fun! My little seahorse is looking like a grown up infant. It makes me a little sad actually. But she is so much fun. She wrinkles up her little nose and laughs and laughs.

Because we have dogs, she bites her toys and shakes her head back and forth while on all fours- wish you all could see it it's hilarious! I do have some video clips that I'll get around to sharing but unfortunately that is not one of the moments I've captured. She loves to mimic people and animals.

She's a squealer! It's so fun to watch her eyes light up, raise her brows, brace herself, then let out a scream of excitement.

She doesn't miss much. I try to sneak away and she knows it. If I'm eating something she wants some too. Makes it difficult to drink hot tea or coffee. She had an absolute meltdown one day because I wouldn't share my hot tea with her.Which also leads me to mention, um wow, does she ever have a little temper! Girl knows what she wants!

My first two teeth!
She cut her first two teeth about two weeks ago. The top two, not the bottom- backwards much? And currently she is cutting the next top two. It's been a very rough week. Needless to say I am beyond sleep deprived. There have been months of wondering if she was teething or not. Well, now I know. I thought I knew cranky before, nope. It could be worse. She hasn't had a fever and she is consolable 98% of the time....consoled by the boob that is.

The party planning is in full swing! I am SO excited to celebrate her life! To celebrate that we haven't done anything incredibly stupid as parents yet. To celebrate that she is still here living, breathing and thriving!
Praise God!
She is truly a wonderful gift.
I never knew how much joy one little person could bestow.
I am so grateful.

Helping mommy clean -er- un-clean the salon.

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