Thursday, August 5, 2010

Good news

Yesterday I called my doctor as I hadn't heard back from them about my gestational diabetes screening. The nurse called back shortly and said "I put a card in the mail to you yesterday to say all your labs were normal." To which I replied, "Oh, I was expecting a phone call, but that is great!" She said, "Would you like me to go over the numbers with you?" Of course I said, " yes, please." I love an opportunity to learn! And sure enough when she explained what the glucose numbers mean and what they want to see in someone without diabetes, my numbers were perfection! So my pancreas WAS having a bad week after all!
And I did follow directions and continued to eat more carbs, though it was hard to.
Lesson learned though, that was enough to scare me into eating better. I was eating whatever I wanted last week not thinking about the large amounts of carbs in relation to the small amounts of protein I was consuming. (I don't know what to consider myself -I'm a grass fed beef, organic chicken, egg, fruit and veggie eater who tries to limit her intake of GM and processed foods.) So let's just say eating peanut butter captain.crunch in chocolate milk isn't in my normal diet. It tasted so good!!! That's just one example of me falling off my healthy eating wagon. I have to laugh at myself though.


  1. SOOO happy to hear (again) lol...good news lol

  2. Well, Good news! But I gotta say ~ I am a serious lover of all things chocolate and peanut butter ~ but I would draw the line at the captin crunch, choc milk and peanut butter. Wow!