Friday, July 30, 2010

22 weeks

Crap, crap, crap! I went to see Dr. Babytogoplease today for what is usually an uneventful conversation about my cervix. It was in terms of my so-far-so-good functioning cervix. Instead, the nurse scared the hell outta me by coming in and stating I have a lot of sugar in my urine. Right away we discussed my breakfast menu this am. When I told her and the doc. that I ate shredded wheat and had a glass of water, they each said, "hmm." Then my blood pressure was high, because I was a little freaked about the possibility of gestational diabetes! She re-checked after I had a few minutes to digest my thoughts and it was fine. So, they did a finger prick to test the blood sugar and sure enough it was way high. UGH. I have to go back Monday morning for the 3-4 hour glucose screening. They warned me the lab is extremely busy that day.Oh joy.
I've had a feeling about this for about a week because I can't seem to get enough water and sometimes I have a weird feeling that is hard to describe, kind of like weakness in my arms or like I'm shaky inside. So I planned to ask him today if we could plan to do the glucose test at my 24 week visit. Maybe, just maybe it's only because I've given in too many times to the sugary, carb cravings this week. I'd like to think that my pancreas is just having a tough week. My instructions for the weekend are to add a few more carbs to my diet each day until I start fasting Sunday night! That is so hard to do, I just want to lower my carb intake immediately. That's like committing a sin, you realize you were wrong but instead of turning away you continue the sin a few more times!

Once again your prayers would be much appreciated!

To my little seahorse,
I'm craving chocolate and cereal now, not so much of the healthy stuff I did earlier on. And when I say chocolate and cereal- I mean twice now I gave in and ate cereal with chocolate milk- yep killed two birds with one stone. I could also eat any mexican food that includes guacamole daily. I would also like to have a glass or two of wine and drink some serious coffee, neither of which will be consumed any day before you arrive! And oh the heartburn, how it continues....I will celebrate it though just like I did all the nausea in the beginning, well as much as one possibly can while feeling miserable. Oh, and uhhem, the gas.
I feel you kick every morning first thing when I get out of bed, a few times throughout the day and every night about 8ish. Then you have to get a little crazy as soon as I lay down to go to sleep, like it's time for your workout routine. I love this time I get to spend with you, I wouldn't trade it for anything else in this world, even if I do feel jealous every time daddy leaves on his motorcycle. My tummy is starting to feel stretchy and needs a lot of lotion for relief. It's getting harder to figure out what to wear, as you are growing so fast. I'm not very tolerant of the heat, I get too hot pretty quickly. That's okay though I'll relax in the a/c with you rather than working outside. I'd like to say you are doing cool things with us this summer, but really YOU are the coolest thing about our summer. Maybe we'll make it to a concert before you make your appearance. Remember you're not supposed to meet the world til November so you stay cozy in there. I love you so much!!!


  1. Oh Michelle praying for you sweetie!!

    Think positive (easy to say), even if you have GD, most of the time it can be controlled with a diet. (easy to say) Especially when little seahorse here is wanted all those sweets lol....Love your bonding time stories they are very cute!! Good luck monday, keep us posted!