Monday, November 22, 2010

2 more days!

So I just posted about baby showers...I didn't exactly remember to post it on Wednesday the 10th-when I originally wrote it, so here's a double post today! Read there first. =)

I'll start by saying, they both went very well. Not one person bought 'the wrong card' nor did anyone say something to hurt me. I did however cry my eyes out Friday morning and wondered how I could possibly celebrate Naomi's coming when I was so sorrow-filled over Audrey. I was just having one of those days. I managed to pull it together and enjoyed myself at both showers, and I felt really blessed.

I have two days until I will be pregnant-no-more!! Yeay! I am so excited- I wish it were a little more blissful and ignorant, but still excited nonetheless. I dread having another cesarean, absolutely dread it. There are so many side effects and so many ways things can become complicated for myself and Naomi by having surgery. As much as I say to myself that this is what I need to do to bring my living baby home, it brings me no more peace. Like those who've never lost a baby don't think like those who have, many also don't understand the risks involved in having a baby in the hospital- let alone a c section. As some of you know, I planned to be a home birth momma. I did many hours of reading, studying, asking professionals opinions and discussing with Jamie to come to that decision. Now here I am, having-for the second time-a procedure I am 97% against having.... bleh.... Anyway, I guess I am saying that to say, please pray for us. I am having some anxiety over the logistics of how Naomi is coming into this world but ever so thankful that she will.

I covet your prayers for a peaceful delivery, one that is textbook perfect without a single complication for either of us.

I'll leave you with another belly photo and I'll post pictures of our rainbow baby seahorse, Naomi as soon as I can!!!!

Week 38


  1. I'm so excited to see Naomi!!! It'll all be better when you see her! As soon as she's out, you can tell her about her siblings in heaven! ((hugz)) All things work together for those that love God...


  2. I am so so jealous that you are only a few days away from holding you little Naomi. I understand how you feel about it all. You have a plan all set up in your mind and this plan as not gone how you wanted it. I have helped recover 100's of c-section patients and the majority went off without an problem. I will pray that your's goes the same way and that you are one of those moms who hops out of bed 2 hours later and your recovery is perfect. You will find that this one goes better: 1- because it is not your first and 2- because you have a sweet baby to fuss over instead of grieve over. I hope that made sense. Naomi will distract you a lot from your own recovery. Sending you all my thoughts and prayers as you enter into this new chapter!!!

  3. omg YAY! i am so very very excited to see her!

  4. I am sorry you are not going to experience the birth you were hoping for, Michelle. I am sure you know in your heart that your health care providers are doing what is in the best interest for both you and Naomi.

    2 days! 2 days until your sweet babe will be with you. I cannot wait for little Naomi to reveal herself from under that fabulous bump!!


  5. Wow, 2 more days! I will be thinking of you and Naomi!

  6. Michelle ~ I LOVE YOU SWEET FRIEND ~ who I have an insane amount in common with! And yes, I understand your anxiety over the choice of birth not being the one you wished for. I don't get my homebirth either this time:( I will pray for a perfect delivery, and that having Naomi in your arms finally, will overshadow all your worries and fears of the way she is born. Ultimately, you have done all you can do and you are carrying your sweet baby girl just as perfectly as you can!

  7. Hi Sweet Michelle, So excited for you and YES I will be praying!!!
    I understand about you not being able to have the birth you want and feel is the best. I dreamed of a water birth with my midwives but due to pre-eclampsia and the need to be induced that wasn't possible.
    Waiting anxiously to see pictures of Lovely Naomi and her beautiful Mommy!
    Love you SO much!!!