Friday, July 9, 2010

The Big Reveal

Well, here she is! We're having another girl! I'm scared. I'm exited. Then I'm scared again....I'm sure this will go on for a long time so I'm becoming acclimated with my range of emotions.
Mostly though, I do have peace...that peace that passes all understanding.
My cervical length was 4.0 today, which is thicker than the last checks, so that is reassuring.
I had to make myself drive straight home from the dr. office and not to go shopping. I didn't buy girly stuff for Audrey since she didn't want to do the big reveal. Even though I'm scared of losing this rainbow, I still want to buy her stuff. It won't hurt less if I don't so why refrain, right? Oh, there were some things on clearance at a few stores that I'm gonna have to check out before the weekend is over...lots of girly things.
Maybe I'm delusional, I just need to physically do something to welcome this new baby girl (name pending obviously) into our lives whether she gets to stay with us or not.
I love you little seahorse girl! I think you're growing lots of hair in there 'cause mommy sure is having a lot of heartburn. Thanks for making us laugh today when you wouldn't show us your face- silly girl -covering it with your hands! You're already a little comedian.


  1. Con"girl"ulations, Michelle!!


  2. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh MICHELLE I just let out the biggest scream in my house!!!!!!!!!!! wooohoooo!!!!! What a blessing, and playing peek a boo already, i love her :)....dont know about you but im thinking this blog needs a little splash of pinks and purples lol..although as a girl my favorite colors are blue anyway happy for you...and I know I know, we want to stop ourselves from buying things (well not me, but buying things for you guys) and then I matter what these things are HERS and I say BUY THEM!!!! WOOHOOOO!!! cant wait to hear her name =)

  3. Oh WOW! A girl ~ congrats! I think something girly is definitely in order...especially for you. How glorious to get to know your sweet baby girl.

  4. Oh, Congratulations!!!!! Girls are THE BEST.... of course that is all I have ever made, so I am totally biased. :)

    So glad that things are looking well. Keep up the great work. I know you are headed into a pretty scary time. But you will get through it. Sending you many hugs!